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Per ardua ad astra - through adversity to the stars

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Back issues - 2020

04 Dec 2020

Our last Newsletter for 2020, with many articles including Principal's reports, NAIDOC, HSC Breakfast, JobsLink, Vivo, Fishing Program and much more.

25 Sep 2020

Farewell to our Year 12 students, new Yondr phone pouches, Leadership, HSC Majorworks, Tell Them From Me - Parent Survey. RUOK Day, Wellbeing Report and much more.

31 Jul 2020

Meet our new School Leaders, Phil Duncan and Hoskins Scholarships, Information on the Induction and Subject Selection process, Faculty news and Careers news.

29 May 2020

Newsletter - Term 2 - Week - Farewell Ms Caro, Staff Notices, Thank you to our cleaners, Wellbeing Report, Tell Them From Me - Parent Information, Prefect nomination information, Work Experience program update, CAPA Communications, Sporting achievements and much more

28 Feb 2020

Newsletter Term 1, Week 5 - Year 7-11 Presentation Evening, Swimming Carnival results, Peer Leader training, Welcome BBQ and important information about our Parent Teacher Evening scheduled for Tuesday 17th March.