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School Uniform


All students are expected to wear uniform at all times unless informed otherwise via a note. Students will be excluded from certain school and school-linked activities:
  • if their clothing does not meet agreed upon school community standards outlined in the school uniform requirements, and might be considered damaging to the image of the school in the wider community;
  • where the health and safety of the student or of other students, particularly as defined by occupational health and safety legislation, would be compromised.

The School and school community has endorsed the wearing of school uniform. The new uniform was chosen by the student and parent community. The new uniform is available from the Uniform Shop which is situated across from the school Administration Office at Lithgow High School. 

Correct uniform must be worn AT ALL TIMES by students, unless especially advised by the school. Any jewellery must be safe and discreet.

  • A student who is not in uniform will be loaned replacement school uniform garments at the Deputy Principal's Office at the start of period 1. These items are to be returned at the end of the day.
  • A phone call will be made to inform parents/carers of students who are out of uniform and invoices will be forwarded for loaned garments not returned.
  • The discipline system, including lunch detentions, and or exclusion from some classes, will be used for students who are frequently out of uniform or who refuse to follow the school policy on uniform.
  • Financial assistance will continue with some items of the school uniform available for purchase from the school uniform shop. The school will support parents/carers in creating a second hand clothing pool for the new school uniform.

Ongoing refusal to wear school uniform will be regarded as an infringement of the school's student discipline policy.

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