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Religious Education

Religious Education

Timetabled Scripture classes are held once per fortnightly cycle for Year 7 and Year 8. An SRE teacher appointed by the Lithgow Christian Education Association takes these lessons and presents a non-denominational Christian perspective on many of the issues facing teenagers. These lessons are based on CEP (Christian Education Publications) "Think Faith" material. An overview of this material can be found at

For years 9-12, up to once per term an SRE presentation, supported by local churches, is organised for students who wish to attend.

For Year 7 students and new enrolments in other years, Parents/Caregivers are asked to complete and return an SREparticipation form to indicate whether they wish their child to attend SRE classes or attend Non-SRE. Students who do not attend SRE classes are provided with alternative meaningful activities (non-curriculum) in accordance with DoE policy.

Voluntary Student Activities

A regular student activity, “Christianity Explored” is a Friday lunchtime activity in B15 which students of any year may attend. This is advertised on the school’s Daily Communication. Students are asked to provide written consent from parents/caregivers to attend this activity.​