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Year 11 2024 Subject Selection

flyer for the subject evening

Year 11  2024 Subject Selection

The Yr 10 Subject Selection evening will be held on the 6th of June at 6:00pm. We strongly encourage all Yr 10 Students and their parents to attend. The information we will give you will be essential in understanding how the HSC works, the pathways available to students for employment, training or higher education, and what subject will be available to study. Every student needs to consider carefully which pathway and subjects are correct for them – which ones will open the doors that students would like to journey through. We encourage students to talk to their teachers, ask questions, get advice. Talk to your parents, talk to your Careers advisor, talk to me. Be informed and deliberate in your choices. You will be given multiple opportunities to choose and change your mind before a final choice is made. Take the time to consider it and get it right.